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In Design

During the concept, schematic and detailed design stages of a new development or refurbishment, we can be appointed to provide a full suite of services to achieve sustainability goals and aspirations.

These may be bespoke client lead targets, or the achievement of established certifications.

In this regard, we work closely with our building services team to ensure sustainability aspirations are carried through the building services design, and into the wider design team.

The ability to provide both sustainability & building services engineering hand in hand ensures a greater integration of sustainability goals into the wider design.


Services may include:

Concept Design

  • Initial Sustainability Design Brief – Inputting to the design brief of the project key sustainability issues

  • Implementation of Kick-off workshops to ascertain sustainability goals and aspirations

  • Site Feasibility Study – Assessing the opportunities and constraints of the site regarding sustainability and energy

  • Initial Concept Feasibility Assessment – Input to embed sustainable design in the building concept

  • Establishing and Managing an Integrated Design Process (IDP)

  • Building Physics Analysis– Initial High Level Energy, Shading and Facade strategy and analysis

  • Preliminary Certification Assessment identifying high level strategy options

  • Highlighting early stage certification requirements to ensure all areas of certification credit scoring remain open

Schematic Design

  • Thermal Modelling – Using sophisticated state of the art Dynamic Thermal Modelling techniques to assess the following issues

  • Building Physics Analysis – Developing the built form, building structure and fabric to reduce energy requirements

  • Energy Strategy – High level overview of how the building uses and conserves energy

  • Low and Zero Carbon Feasibility Study – Maximising the potential for clean energy

  • ASHRAE Compliant Modelling – Modelling to ASHRAE standards to inform certification

  • Thermal Comfort Studies – Designing to ensure building occupant comfort is achieved

  • Daylighting Strategy – How the building best uses daylight

  • Certification Pre-Assessment – Building on the established high level strategy options to provide a roadmap to certification

Detailed Design

  • Technical Design review – Input to the design process to ensure detailed design encompasses concept and schematic sustainable design

  • Sustainable Schematic Design Review – Refreshing schematic design sustainability targets

  • Sustainable Detailed Design – Iterative process between detailed design specification and sustainability goals

  • Computational Analysis review – Updating modelling process to provide detailed design impact assessment

  • Life Cycle Energy and Cost Analyses – Measuring the building’s Lifetime Energy Consumption and Cost

  • Certification Compliance Management – Working with the Design Team to ensure certification of road map is implemented in design

  • Design Team Co-ordination – Ensuring certification and sustainable design considerations are integrated across the design team

  • Production of Certification Tender Pack - For inclusion in the Preliminaries

  • Design Certification sign-off – Audit process compiling and collating completed design information for submission

In Construction

The involvement of RES Design does not stop once the design of the building is complete.  We also provide a full schedule of services to ensure sustainable design aspirations and certification targets are achieved.

This is done through coherent interaction with the design team and construction teams, facilitated once again through our in house collaboration with our building services team.

Services may include:

  • Sustainable Detailed Design Review – Helping ensure sustainability in design is carried over to construction

  • Technical support – Providing sustainability support and advice to the construction team

  • Certification Compliance – Having achieved design certification, management of the process continues for Construction certification

  • Progress Monitoring – Providing feedback to the design/construction team regarding certification and client target progress

  • Site Waste Management Plan Guidance - Ensuring waste management and reporting is compliant for certification purposes

  • Compliance forms – Providing templates for various construction issues to help certification compliance

  • Dynamic Computational Modelling Update – Providing guidance to make sure the constructed building meets design energy performance aspirations

  • Site Visits – Visiting the construction site to gain first hand evidence of the implementation of sustainability measures and certification compliance

  • Construction Site Impact Reports – Mitigating sustainability and certification compliance risk

  • Construction Certification sign-off – Audit process compiling and collating completed As-built information for submission


In Operation

Once a development’s construction phase is complete, RES Design can be appointed to continue the energy efficiency process into operation. Providing ‘soft-landings’ on hand over to the client and the building occupants.

Through construction and beyond Sustainability and Building Services work with our Facilities Management team to help the transition from building site to operation and occupation.

We don’t just work on new build projects, however. In conjunction with our FM team, we can help buildings already in operation achieve higher energy performance and cost savings.

Services may include:

  • Existing Energy Audit Assessment – Assessing the current operating conditions for improvement areas

  • Metering Strategy Assessment – Assessing how metering strategy can help monitor and regulate

  • Opportunity Feasibility Assessment – From metered data and site surveys, we identify key areas for improvement

  • Sustainable Operation and Management plans – Providing advice on how effective management can save energy and reduce costs

  • Services Replacement Strategies – Providing advice on how sustainable and efficient equipment is procured in a stage and affordable fashion

  • Sustainable Training – Teaching staff how they can help implement sustainable operation