We understand the specifics of a region’s climate and location
and how to build accordingly. In addition we also have
fluent speakers of French and Arabic, as well as English.




Yasmina joined  RES Design in January 2011 and heads the certification strategies for a large portfolio of projects, including university laboratories, offices, residential, multi-residential, mixed-use.

Yasmina is keen on defining strategies whilst considering the triple bottom line and the tangible benefits for certain routemaps. She provides cross-sectional support to Clients, Investors, PM, QS, Architects, MEPH & Contractors ranging from macro-matters to specific technical calculations. This includes undertaking feasibility and cost plans for ratings and respective strategies.

With her colleagues, Yasmina developed 'Carbon Impact Reports' to compare the carbon generation of different building options over 60 and 100 years. Through her emphasis on early integration - with a holistic view-  Yasmina has lead the design of water management systems, such as greywater recycling to supply water for washing machines in a high-end residential development.

Yasmina moved to London from Montreal in 2007, where she began her career as a Sustainable Design Consultant at EcoConsulting (UK) Ltd. Her responsibilities included consulting design teams in the UK, Luxembourg and the Middle East to achieve their respective sustainability credentials. Her work included certifications for schools (BREEAM 2005), Bespoke buildings, and Offices (European Court of Auditors, K3 building). She also coordinated the presentation strategy and represented the company at EcoBuild, and organised CPDs and seminars in England and the Middle East on numerous themes (Green Building in the Middle East, Energy Efficiency, LEED).

Prior to moving to London, Yasmina worked at Mango Profit Management Systems (Montreal) where she participated in the acquisition and implementation of an industrial copper production facility (Mango Copper Industries.) Yasmina is fluent in English, French and Arabic.

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Senior Sustainability Consultant

Keith has over 15 years experience in the field of Sustainability and is a registered Low Carbon Energy Assessor with CIBSE, a certified On Construction Domestic Energy Assessor, is accredited for the Energy Saving Opportunities Scheme (ESOS) and is also qualified to produce both Energy Performance Certificates and Display Energy Certificates

Keith has experience in thermal modeling a wide variety of buildings to assess natural ventilation potential, passive design measures, energy consumption, thermal comfort and daylighting.

In addition, he also has extensive experience in Energy Strategies and Part L compliance studies.