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We work to maximise the utility and value of earth’s built environment
— RES Design


RES Design is part of the Long and Partners Group, our goal is to play an integral part in the design process from concept right the way through to construction, to help achieve and exceed aspirations for energy efficient, sustainable and low carbon buildings.

Our key market is the UK, however we have a large amount of experience Globally; working in a number of countries and on a variety of projects, from residential towers through commercial office buildings, schools and embassies, to master planning.

It is this that forms our unique selling point. Unlike UK and European firms looking to apply the knowledge gained in their home markets, our team of experts have genuine sustainability experience on a wide variety of buildings globally.

We understand the specifics of a region’s climate and location and how to build accordingly. In addition we also have fluent speakers of French and Arabic, as well as English.



RES Design are part of the Long and Partners Group, the group includes the following companies.

Long and Partners is a professional design management and consultancy practice situated in the UK.

We have a wide degree of experience over a varied range of business sectors. our self-motivated staff provide a professional service offering a choice of solutions compatible with today’s complex environmental issues.

In addition to our traditional Mechanical, Electrical and Public Health design, we have specialists within our practice to undertake all aspects of Vertical Transportation, IT design and Commissioning Consultancy. We also offer a full project management service, including cost control, architectural, structural engineering support and planning supervision.

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IPT Design are a leading Technology Design and Consultancy practice based in the City of London. We specialise in a wide range of technology disciplines within the Sports and Leisure, Commercial Office and Residential environments.

On many occasions we have demonstrated our professional attention to detail which has rewarded us with a high level of repeat business. This provides our Clients with the confidence in appointing our services to develop and progress their projects.

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Long and Partners Commissioning Consultancy provides an independent service to our clients to deliver projects with known performance characteristics in a controlled and managed manner.

Our experienced consultants can provide the single solution for commissioning overview, planning, management, validation and ongoing verification of building services system, ensuring that they operate within design tolerances, avoiding costly downtime and occupier complaints.

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